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Welcome to Everyday Linux How2s

So what's going on here?

Primarily, this site is about providing useful information about running Linux on the desktop. The aim is to provide howtos on things I've come across in my Linux travels over the years. Hopefully they will provide you with easy to understand instructions and tips for carrying out useful tasks.  Some will be short and simple, others may get really complicated.  Hopefully, they will be useful, to new linux users, and also to experienced campaigners.

Other Stuff

Because I'm cheap and only want to pay for one domain, I've also added a whole bunch of other stuff:

  • articles on applications that I've come across, which may not be that well known. The Linux software landscape is so vast and diverse, I am always coming across applications that I've never heard of, but wish I had because they are so damn useful;
  • applications I've written;
  • internet tools;
  • opinion pieces;


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