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  1. As is often the case with open source software, the developers were ahead of the game
    Hey man, can I come and live in your universe? Please.

  2. Indeed. I’m still a newbie to Linux but I seriously considering moving from Mac to Linux Ubuntu if I can synchronize my future iPhone 4 with it. I’d never heard (or think…) about sync my iPhone 3G with Ubuntu until I read some posts today. I came to this blog searching some knowledge to help me do it. I guess all this came a bit later. Yesterday I updated for the iOS 4 and I couldn’t sync with Ubuntu. I hope libimobiledevice can make it happen again with new updates… Then I will have Ubuntu as my primary OS on my Macs.

  3. Just forget your closed device and use a real phone. Apple doesn’t want your business so why give them money? If they wanted your business they would help wine with getting iTunes working or make a Linux version.

  4. ubuntu is good, but honestly it can’t compare with apples OS, I am a linux user for the past 10 years or so, but I ve never got the chance to get a mac because of its price, but Ive got an itouch and I gotta say it is sooooooo awesooomee !! the app store is a very good idea ! and because everything is localized in one place it is much better (sort of like a package manager on linux) I really love every thing about it . THANK YOU APPLE FOR MAKING SUCH AN AWESOME PRODUCT!

  5. God, Apple are such damn assholes! It’s your phone, you
    payed for it! Now, you should be able to do whatever the hell you
    want with it! I’m blind, so buying an iPhone was a really good
    solution for me, as it comes with VoiceOver, a built-in screen
    reader to access the device, but man! Crappy ringtones, having to
    use iTunes to backup apps! I’m sooooo thinking of jailbreaking, but
    I’m nervous about bricking my locked iPhone. I hope libimobiledvice
    supports music/app syncing for iOS4.whatever soon! Go
    libimobiledvice! Thanks for all your hard work in getting a
    propriatary piece of hardware working so well! My only concern is
    the GUI library used for libimobiledvice. Because I am blind, I
    need to use Orca, the screen reader that you can install on
    Gnome-based distrobutions of Linux. As such, it works best with the
    KGT GUI library, though I’ve heard that Orca can work with programs
    using the SWT and Swing GUI libraries. Unfortunately, QT and KDE
    programs are totally unusable with Orca. I’m currently running
    Ubuntu 10.04 Lusid.

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