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kdenlive - corners toolFor a long time I’ve been a big fan of kdenlive. I’ve written a two articles about it. One is a general overview of video editing on Linux and the other is more specific to kdenlive. For a number of years, video editing on linux – at least at a consumer level – has been patchy at best. This is somewhat ironic given the heavy use of linux in major Hollywood block film production. However, with the advent of kdenlive, things are looking pretty good and with the release of version 0.8, there have been some great features added for the more advanced users, while still retaining a simple and easy to use UI.

The new features include:

kdenlive - light graffitiThere are some really useful tools there for advanced video editing and is increasing the compositing features of this editor. In addition, many existing features have been improved and a large number of bugs squashed. kdenlive is already a fantastic video editor (and I’ve used a number of them across Mac, Windows and Linux) for consumer, and it is steadily progressing to becoming a great tool for more advanced video editing. It’s so easy to use that my daughter does all of her Littlest Petshop videos on it – she in fact prefers it over the latest iMovie – especially because kdenlive can handle raw AVCHD footage, unlike many other of the “paid for” editors out there on the mainstream platforms. If you add the frei0r plugin tool to your system, you’ll have literally 100′s of filters and transitions to enhance your raw footage.

If you want to try 0.8 on openSUSE 11.4, add this repo to YAST – http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/RedDwarf/openSUSE_11.4; and


(you’ll need both to get the latest underlying libraries)

kdenlive screenshotkdenlive screenshot

  1. I can’t find kdenlive in that repository.

  2. Not to carp overly on this great heads-up but I can’t see the kdenlive package on the RedDwarf repo… :-/

    • I’ve updated the article. Red Dwarf seems to have a separate repo just for kdenlive. You need both, as the main repository contains all the updated libs.

  3. looks like a source build for Pardus 2011 X64 then

  4. The new features look impressive indeed, but have they fixed the really basic stuff that seems to have been broken for years, like audio syncing differently in the preview than in the render? Fingers crossed. If the basics are finally working, Kdenlive will be a formidable beast indeed… If…

    • Yeah… splunky is absolutely right on this one…

      Great the new features I can’t wait to do the light grafitty thingy… (not..! great feature but one of those “use once then discard” things, sorry.)

      I recently tried to create this (http://vimeo.com/22163844) on kdenlive but it kept on crashing and audio indeed was way off from what I had in the preview. I finally decided to bin the whole thing and move back to the old Adobe Premier 6.5 as it crashed less than the Kdenlive and produces a decent timing.

      I like what the guys did with Kdenlive, I’ll keep on using it, but not when timing is critical or when I expect a lot of crashes.

  5. I agree with Splunky. I don’t care how many ‘new’ features the developers add to it, if the basics don’t work right, then it’s useless to me. The audio sync has been a big problems for many years. This alone makes it useless to do any serious video editing. I’ve tried using it many times over the years, with the end result being a very poor production. Simple scene transitions sometimes produce a black frame, the sound doesn’t sync precisely, etc.

    I have not tried the latest version mentioned here, but I just finished a rather large project using 0.7.8, which turned out pretty bad. I tried creating this project on 3 different computers with the same results.

    I’ve been editing video on computers for a long time, using everything from Adobe Premiere to Avid. I’ve also tried Cinelerra over the years but found it way too buggy to actually use in any kind of production work. Why? The basics don’t work. It crashes way too much. The developers have spent too much time trying to add features to make it more like Adobe Premiere and neglecting making it stable enough to actually use. It actually has a reputation for crashing too often.

    Kdenlive looks very promising. Every new version I try, I keep feeling that it’s ‘almost’ there, but the same bugs are still in it from the early releases, which makes it frustrating. It is extremely more stable than Cinelerra.

    Developers, please go back and get the basics working properly before adding any new features.

    • Interesting comment. I’ve never had a/v sync issues with any videos I’ve edited using kdenlive.

      In terms of basics, I’ve found that not all packages are created equal. I’ve had real trouble with kdenlive, then compiled from source and those problems have just disappeared.

      • Ive had sync/sound issues when I watch a clip in the program monitor but once I render the video it turns out fine.

        other than that, ive been using it since last september and have done full of little videos with the usual stuff taken from our digital camera and its worked like a charm.
        kids learned it quickly.

    • had those too… black frames when you start rendering, in preview it is all great, but as soon as you try doing a decent render the black frames appear.

      I had that a lot with the video mentioned above at the parts where I added the photo’s

      • I still think you should look at whether this is a packaging issue. I’ve never had any of these issues.

        • More than willing to try.. I am planning my next divetrip for end of this month (one of the only things I do video for, these days) .. so will check it in about 1 month’s time.

  6. The same for me. I tried the latest version for a concert and never had a/v sync problem nor crashes (Ubuntu 10.10).

  7. Kdenlive is the best open source video editing software, hands down. It is so much more intuitive than all the others that I wouldn’t even consider anything else — and I’m not even a KDE desktop user.

    My 11 year old and his favorite teddy bear do video editing on Kdenlive too. Check out http://bigbuttbear.com to see what they’re up to.

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