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20 May 2010

Fixed a stupid bug that meant that calculations could not be done until the user had set up holidays

2 May 2010

Added a lot of new features:

  • Support for ranges of dates for holidays
  • Support for holiday templates allowing you to save and access different holiday sets
  • Support for creating a PDF report of a calculation
  • Display all the holidays of the current template for a particular year
  • Display a log of the working days in a calculation
  • New UI layout
  • Heaps of bug fixes

20 April 2010

  • Fixed yet another version check bug
  • Fixed a bug with the recognition of easter holidays

12 April 2010

  • Fixed another version check bug
  • Fixed calculation bug with addition/subtraction of dates

11 April 2010

  • Fixed bugs with version checking
  • Fixed bug with windows version so that config data is saved in the correct place

9 April 2010 – 0.92

  • New date input method using calendar style input
  • More bug fixes
  • Packageing fixes in Windows version

6 April 2010 – 0.91

Fixed version references, added a check for updated versions and minor bug fixes.

5 April 2010 – 0.9

    This is a port of Date Calculator to pyqt4.

  • Ported to pyqt4.
  • Cross-platform support for Windows.
  • Bug fixes to original app.
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