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  1. Your articles need dates. Was this article written before or after Kdenlive was rewritten using MLT?

    • “[OpenShot is] built around the MLT libraries – the same libraries as are used by kdenlive – which means that it gets a whole bunch of video editing coolness right out of the box.”

      Second sentence of the OpenShot review.

      • As far as I’m aware kdenlive has always used MLT.

  2. LiVES also has a manual, if you are stuck you can try reading it:


  3. I’ve used cinelerra quite often, but can’t even get it to compile now. Cinecutie seemed to be a working fork for a while but that also broke on me. It is quite a stable editor, provided you use the videoformats it likes. The best you can give is is a bunch of .png-files (even-numbered x- and y-sizes). But IF you get it to work and want *everything* and the rest, it is really nice.

    I’m now considering a different editor because I can’t get it to work at the moment, this howto helps.

  4. Is this dated from Feb 2010 as the image URLs suggest?

  5. THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to find a video editor for ages that doesn’t bugger up spectacularly. This article was extremely helpful. I shall be installing kdenlive, post-haste!

  6. How about running avidemux gt4??

    Or even virtualdub launched by wine & gecko?

    Let me have some feedback on these, please.

  7. Thanks for a really useful overview. Like you, I’ve been using Linux exclusively for a number of years, and have been looking at video editors almost as long.

    It is great to see someone give a reasonable view of these editors – so often posts are written by fans of the software, who simply address quirks or flaws as if you just need to learn to use it properly. Instead, your comments on several of these editors mirrors my own experience with them.

    I had heard the buzz about OpenShot, and eagerly installed it. I was sorely disappointed when it crashed every time I opened a video with it.

    I had heard of kdenlive, but it was not one I had tried. Based on your comments I’ve now installed kdenlive and edited my first demo video. It was easy, intuitive, and best of all, stable.

    Thanks so much!

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