Fix Plugins In Google-Chrome

I recently changed from using Kubuntu to using openSuse – the main reason for the change was that the implementation of KDE in openSuse was a hell of a lot more solid than in Kubuntu. However there were some quirks in openSuse that I had to work through. The first was getting plugins working in google-chrome. Google-chrome is a fantastic browser, especially now that it has implemented support for extensions. However, plugins didn’t seem to be working in google-chrome, and without the usual plugins, the browsing experience was somewhat limited.

Why Were Plugins Not Working?

The simple reason was that google-chrome was looking for plugins in the standard place for mozilla based plugins, and openSuse had decided to put them in another place.


How To Fix Plugins In Google-Chrome?

The simple workaround was to create a symlink between the directory where openSuse put the plugins, and the directory where google-chrome was looking for them. To do this, simply enter the following into a terminal:

ln -s /usr/lib/browser-plugins ~/.mozilla/plugins

Very simple. However, this means that as you add plugins to openSuse, they will automatically be seen by google-chrome when it’s looking for plugins in ~/.mozilla/plugins.