Installing Fonts

Installing fonts on linux can be a tricky task to undertake. In windows, you just put the fonts in a directory, and they’re available for use system wide. In the bad old days, you needed to use commands like:

  • ttmkfdir -o fonts.scale
  • mkfontdir

However, kde provides a great gui tool for installing fonts that makes it all very easy. Fonts can be installed just for a user, or system wide if you have access to the root account.

To install a font, just open dolphin, and navigate to the directory that contains the font file you want to install. You should then be able to right click on the font file, and then click on the actions menu, and then click on install.


A dialog will open up and ask whether you want to install it for the use of the current user, or system wide. If you choose system, then you will be required to enter the root password. That’s it, the font should now be installed, and ready for use.

You can see what fonts you have been installed using the fonts:/ kioslave in konqeror. You can also drag and drop font files into the fonts:/Personal or fonts:/System window to install them.

The final alternative is to open the settings:/System kioslave in konqeror, and then open the Font Installer kcontrol module. This provides a relatively simple dialog for installing and managing fonts. However, installing fonts using the right click menu seems to be the simplest method by far.