Freepops is a cool little app that allows you pop access to popular webmail providers. This may not be as useful now that popular webmail providers such as gmail or yahoo mail provide pop3 access on their free accounts. However, with other providers and in the bad old days applications like freepops allowed you to get access to your webmail based email through a traditional email client using pop3.


Should be available in your distro’s repository. However, if not, there are packages for most major distributions here. As a last resort, you can compile the sources.


Freepops is reasonably straightforward to use. It basically creates a tiny little pop server on your own machine for your mail client to connect to to download your webmail. The first step is to get it going. So type:

freepopsd -d -p 2000

This will start the application in daemon mode and attach it to port 2000 on your local machine. Then you need to set up your mail client. You basically set this up as you would for any other pop3 mail server, except:

  • The server address is “localhost” or “″
  • The port number is 2000
  • The user name is usually your email address for the webmail server you are using – eg. for gmail use or yahoo use

That’s it. The full list of webmail providers you can use is here.